First entry to World House Music blog!

August 27, 2012
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My Brothers and Sisters!

Welcome to the World House Music blog!  This is my very first entry, and as I learn how to use this, I will be communicating with you regarding recent activities, compositions, performances and more!  Let me start with an explanation of my sign off,  “Peblejah!”

For years my traditional sign off or good-bye send off was, “peace and blessings.”  A Baha’i friend of mine, my brother Jerry Johnson, always added “and justice,” when we parted.  I really liked that, and for a while, my send off became, “peace, blessings and justice.”  As I pondered that, however, justice can be pretty brutal unless tempered with agape.  So I started saying, “peace, blessings, justice, agape.”  Now this was getting to be a MOUTHFUL!  After some thought, I created a new word, a type of acronym, Pebleja, from PEace, BLEssings, Justice, Agape.

I kind of liked that, and lived with it for a while, and called it my first “aberism.”  One day, another friend, my sister Jesse Kozel, suggested that I add “h” at the end for “Hope.”  There was an “aha” moment between us: it would become a “silent ‘h,'” because hope, although ever present is often silent, doing it’s work in the background.

So I hope that you will come and visit this blog often, and  leave it with a measure of PEace, BLEssings, Justice, Agape and Hope.  Accent on the first syllable, please!


Dr. Abe