This is what Linda Regan said about a presentation on an Airforce base:

Our focus was on the influence of Hispanic music in our culture. We had a luncheon catered by Cafe El Sol. My speaker and entertainer was Dr Abe Caceres. He put on such a terrific program! He is a doctor of Ethnomusicology. He brought a keyboard, several smaller rhythm and percussion instruments and Enrique, a guitarist and drummer. He covered the Mexican, Caribbean and African roots of Hispanic music. Dr Abe is a highly energized, enthusiastic and dynamic teacher, not to mention hilariously funny. He has an uncanny knack for putting people at ease and getting them to join in the fun. He persuaded LaTrease to come up and learn a dance step. When he had her up front, he took her hand, went down on one knee and said “Will you marry me?” The whole place exploded with laughter!

Believe it or not, he had the people of the 440th volunteering to play drums, gourds, cowbells (with the deluxe cowbell clanger). Some were learning new dance steps, some were at the microphone leading the chorus, and the rest of the audience was clapping and singing along. Our Colonel even gave the OK for the program to run over another 15 minutes (we had already taken 2 hours!) The response and participation of the people was truly a miracle! The best result of this program was that the people came away refreshed and with a positive attitude. The critics were completely silent. I am frequently approached with, “Is he coming back next year!” Thanks Dr. Abe!

– Linda Ragen


Teacher In Service

I Like Your Shoes: the Problems and Promises of Cross-Cultural Experiences.

What is the difference between the terms multicultural, cross-cultural, trans-cultural? Are the terms bi-lingual and bi-cultural the same?  Does it matter?  Sharpen your understanding of cultural terminology to more effectively pursue your goals of community building.  This hands on, interactive program can be modified for music teachers or general education teachers, and can include music and movement from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, as well as Native American and African American traditions.

Adult Enrichment

Scott Joplin – Genius Ahead of His Time

This is a vignette of the amazing life of Scott Joplin.  The son of a slave, and a free born woman, Scott grew up in the town of Texarkana, and came to be known as the “King of Ragtime.”  Dr. Abe, plays a mature Scott Joplin reminiscing about the angels in his life who accompanied him through challenges and successes. This 30 minute, captivating presentation of music and drama is best suited for high school students and adults.