The Global Church Sings

Introduces classically trained musicians to Black Gospel and Latin American piano styles through transcriptions and Dr. Abe’s unique improv charts. Dr. Abe also teaches choral and vocal styles of different ethnic traditions; cross-cultural congregational song (including how to teach and lead); African, Latin American, and Asian percussion instruments (including how to teach people to play them); and how to learn from and interact with musicians from different traditions.

Worship Services & Hymn Festivals

Dr. Abe is committed to worship as an activity that welcomes all cultures. Working with church or seminary staff; professional or amateur musicians, small or large choir, congregations or conference gathering, he creates enthusiasm for the varieties of culture by planning worship that brings people together, teaching the skills needed to realize the music authentically, and fully involving the assembly. Dr. Abe’s most popular cross-cultural hymn sing is entitled:

“Somos Uno: We are One”

El Bautismo: Baptism

This interactive program of music and dance is great for middle school and high school students, but can be adapted to upper elementary school ages.  A choral arrangement makes it a great intergenerational opportunity!

The activity focus is the percussion, dance and song of a Puerto Rican form known as “Plena.”  Students play simple rhythms on congas, panderos (hand drums), güiro (scraped gourd), and sencerro (cowbell).  The song lyrics tell the story of John the Baptist, Jesus’ baptism, and baptism today.