World House Music now in NC!

March 15, 2017
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Brothers and Sisters,

World House Music Inc., a 501(c)3 originally based in Milwaukee, WI, has moved and is now officially recognized in the state of North Carolina!

Our web address, and phone number has not changed, but our address has.  Below is the complete updated info.

World House Music Inc.

PO Box 121

Cary, NC 27512


[email protected]

Mail sent to the Milwaukee PO Box will be forwarded to the new address through October, 2017.


I am thrilled to welcome the new members of the Board of Directors in alphabetical order:

Dr. Loñieta Thompson Cornwall, Assistant Professor of Music, Shaw University

Mr. Mike Harris, Minister of Music, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Cary

Mr. John Mason, Mason Restaurant Group

I would also like to thank the former members of the Board of Directors for their work and dedication and support for World House Music:

Ms. Mary Campbell, ELCA, Office of Global Mission

Mr. G. Dwight Hamilton, Director, Heritage Chorale, Milwaukee

Rev. Dr. Tim Perkins, Pastor, Bethel Bethany United Church of Christ, Milwaukee


I am truly grateful and blessed to have had and continue to have people on the board who are outstanding in their professional fields, individuals of utmost integrity, and who are committed to the mission of World House Music:

“To share the joy and hope of peace making across cultural and religious boundaries through the magic of music and dance.”


Dr. Abe Cáceres, Executive Director

World House Music