Thanks for helping me name my new composition!

February 1, 2016
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Here’s the journey.  First I asked for suggestions, and I got 25 creative titles.  I liked many of them, but one that jumped out at me happened to be suggested by my SIS (Sister in Spirit) Lily Wu. “I suggest Celtic Djembe. I read that djembe means ‘everyone gathering together for peace.’”  A quick google revealed that is apparently true among Bambara speakers in Mali.  Celtic Djembe expresses very well the idea of Celtic African fusion.

The composition does include djembes, as well as elements of South African mbube singing (think Ladysmith Black Mambazo), but the cultural focus is East Africa, where the drums are called ngoma. So I asked my BIS (Brother in Spirit) Randy Stubbs, expert in Tanzanian music, about this word, and he responded, “ngoma is a similar, multi-dimensional word in Swahili. It is not quite the same as Bambara. It includes drums, music, dance, celebration, and life all mixed together. It is not just one element, but many that work together and each part must be present to complete the concept.”

Now I really liked, Celtic Ngoma, but I’ve learned that titles need to be easily remembered; difficult to remember or foreign words should be in the subtitle.  I tested them all in the following manner:

One Image and One Love Binds us: Celtic Ngoma

Here as in Heaven: Celtic Ngoma

Called to a Vision: Celtic Ngoma

Fusion, Power, Vison: Celtic Ngoma.

Vision Fusion: Celtic Ngoma



And the winner is…..

Called to a Vision: Celtic Ngoma

Thanks to SIS (Sister in Spirit) Lily Wu, BIS Randy Stubbs and SIS Ruth C Blom (who suggested “Called to a Vision.”)

Thanks, too, for all of you who brainstormed, and jogged my imagination.  The title would not have emerged without your help!

Below is a list of the creative names that have been suggested.

Peblejah!    Dr. Abe


List of Suggested Titles

One Image and One Love Binds us

Here as in Heaven

In His Image Are We

Web of Life

Web Song; One

Vision Fusion

Born with one vision

Called to a Vision

Fusion of Power and Vision

Fusion: Power and Vision

Requiem for the Blind

Born of one vision

In his image are we

Vision of One Family

One Family Tree

Emerald Acacia Family Tree

God is Calling

Vision and Call

God, Help me Look with Your Eyes

Tarabu, which means music/joy/concert in Swahili

The Bridge

Bridging our Vision

Vision Quest

Re-Vision Quest

Be Thou My Vision – Neno Lake Mungu