Please help name my new composition!

January 23, 2016
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Brothers and Sisters,

I finished a composition a couple of days ago, and I still don’t have a name for it.  Maybe you can help name it; I am looking for suggestions.  If you have any, please respond to the World House Music Facebook page.  Thanks! – Dr. Abe

Here is a brief history and description of the piece.

About a year ago, I had offered to raise funds to send a piano to the music department of Tumaini University Makumira in Tanzania.  Shortly thereafter, I was visiting Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, North Carolina, and discovered that it has a series of concerts called “Concerts for a Cause,” in which individual artists raise funds for a cause they are passionate about.  I presented my cause; they approved the concert.

Kirk of Kildaire obviously has historic ties to Ireland.  When Dr. Abernathy, Minister of Music of the Kirk, informed me that the concert was to be scheduled on February 28, 2016, during African American History Month, it occurred to me to compose a new piece to honor the historic roots of both Africa and Ireland.    It is an Afro-Celtic fusion scored for organ, African percussion, Irish bodhran, Irish flute and choir.

The composition is based on an Irish melody and East African melody.  The Irish one, called “Slane,” is known by many church people as the hymn, “Be Thou My Vision.”  My first task as composer, was to write new lyrics, which are noted below.  The East African melody is the most famous hymn of the region, “Neno Lake Mungu,” popularly known in English as, “Listen God is Calling.”

At various points, both the Irish and East African tunes are blended together with organ, Irish flute and bodhran, East African drums and rhythms, West African drums and rhythms, elements of East and South African vocal styles, as well call and response interaction between the choir and audience.  Here are the lyrics of the song.

New lyrics to “Be Thou My Vision” (Tune: Slane)
Verses by Abe Cáceres

  1. Be Thou My Vision and help me to see
    Each son and daughter as my family.
    See every neighbor as my next of kin
    Diverse in language, religion and ….skin.
  2. Be Thou my vision and help me to see
    Each refugee a reflection of me.
    See every person as my own companion
    Sojourning spirits on an earthly journey.
  3. Be Thou My Vision and help me to see
    We are the branches and You are the Tree.
    One genealogy, one destiny,
    Born of one Spirit, one Eternity.

© 2015 World House Music
May be reproduced gratis for the support of refugees anywhere.  Please acknowledge the composer, Dr. Abe Cáceres, and World House Music.  Thanks!