In memory of G. Dwight Hamilton, “Fruit of the Spirit.”

July 6, 2019
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My “compadre,” Miguel de Jesus, wrote the following of our brother-in-spirit, Dwight. Miguel’s eloquence expresses my current feelings better than my own words, so I quote him below.

“The passing of my brother G Dwight Hamilton, has left me shuddering gently internally. There had been several close calls, which he gracefully overcame. Yet his homecoming was so sudden.

I’ve learned over time, that there’s nothing I can do to keep the ones I love close by. But I know, no matter where they are, I keep them inside me, beside me, around me.

We lose a part of the people we love,
maintaining forever and beyond,
the gifts they have bestowed,
the gifts they are,
their roots growing within us.

We are separated by many things. Among them are space, time, busyness, passing. Still, that fiery nucleus that brought us together, remains lighted. It remains nourished by the love we have shared, whether we recognize it as love or not.”

Dwight and I had many musical and personal collaborations throughout the years. He conducted many of my choral anthems, and as a valued colleague and friend, I often asked his opinion on my music before I released the music to fly free. The choral anthem “Fruit of the Spirit” from my CD, “All Are Welcome! Feel the Spirit,” was conducted by Dwight. In honor of his memory, it is available above as a free download for whoever wants it through the end of the month. Peblejah!

Dr. Abe