Hephatha Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, sponsors all 12 semitones of an octave!

June 5, 2016
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Brothers and Sisters,

Erica Johnson is one of my pride and joys: once upon a time, in a place not far away, I had the privilege to be her piano teacher.  Fast forward several decades.  In December, 2016, she will have completed 26 years as Minister of Music at Hephatha Lutheran Church, Milwaukee!  Today I was at Hephatha to receive a gift for the Piano and Music to Tanzania Project.  Below is a paragraph from the bulletin insert.

“This morning Hephatha honors God by giving an offering of our congregational benevolence in the amount of $2,500 to Tanzania for the purpose of supporting the Gospel work to bring the very first concert grand piano to this land!  What a blessing for us to be of use in this historic manner.  We give this gift to God’s work in honor of the musical and faith blessings shared with us in the lives and ministry of Erica Johnson and her mentor, Dr. Abe.  They are a gift from God in our midst – thanks be to God!”

Thanks to Hephatha Lutheran, the congregation, and supporting friends for this expression of generosity, and to Sister Pastor Mary Martha for her outstanding leadership for a quarter of a century!


Dr. Abe