To Our Grandchild: Fruit of the Fruit of Our Love

December 8, 2014
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Brothers and Sisters,

My life recently changed.  My wife’s life changed, too.  We became grandparents!  Our lovely daughter, Elise, and wonderful son-in-law, John, gave us an absolutely adorable granddaughter, Mila Gabriela,  whose presence in the word inspired the song, “Fruit of the Fruit of Our Love.”  The lyrics and piano vocal score are available on this site:  click on “sheet music” and then look under “secular.”

The idea came the morning she was born, and the refrain came later that day.  The first verse came the next day, and the second verse a day or two later.  My wife, Mila, and I first sang the song to Milia Gabriela at the hospital.  We all cried.  The final version was dedicated to her on Thanksgiving Day.  What a Thanksgiving it was this year!  I hope the song is as meaningful to you as it is to us.