Danos un bello hogar (Give Us a Lovely Home); New music to a Spanish text

June 2, 2021
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This Spanish hymn is perfect for Mother’s or Father’s Day, or any family-themed event. Last year, the pastor of the Spanish congregation of White Plains United Methodist Church, Rev. Edith Salazar, asked me to put something together for Mother’s Day. The text of  “Danos un Bello Hogar” (© 1979 Broadman Press) is a translation of a English hymn, “God, Give Us Christian Homes,” music and lyrics by B. B. McKinney (© 1949 Broadman Press). In my opinion, the original English lyrics are quite nice, but Guillermo Blair’s translation takes the main thrust of the English lyrics and writes an absolutely inspired translation.    

Blair used McKinney’s original melody, but I wanted to create something new and fresh, so I am grateful to EditorialMH which granted permission to set his translation to new music.   My setting has a Cuban guajira feel.  The music is copyrighted 2020, by World House Music,  CCLI #7150312 and the music score is available on this website. Music is listed in alphabetical order under the “sheet music” tab.

Thanks to Jay Helms of Echo Media and Stories (echomediastories.com) for the video shoot and creative editing.

For the benefit of those who don’t read Spanish, below is a link to my literal English translation of Blair’s Spanish translation. Translation of Danos un bello hogar