Christmas All Over the World!

December 18, 2021
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Dear Siblings in Spirit,

Some of you will remember this song which I co-wrote many years ago.  I’ve rewritten the verses.  In case anyone has the opportunity to use it yet this year, the piano/vocal music score is on this website under the sheet music tab. The score is called “pre-final” in case I missed any typos or may make minor adjustments.  The congregation can sing the refrain with a soloist or unison ensemble singing the verses. The refrain is easy to pick up, so there is no need to print the music or words – just sing the refrain once and the congregation can pick it up.  I don’t have a recording of the song yet, so if anyone performs it, please consider recording it and sending it to me.  Thanks!
I hope it speaks to you.
Dr. Abe

Here’s verse three:

The spirit of Christmas is not in dolls or toys.

Too often it’s muted by the Christmas noise.

When violence and vanity grip humanity

The spirit of Christmas can surely set us free!

Music and Lyrics by Abe Cáceres and Jeanette Washington(c) 1994 www.  CCLI # 2752822