Choir to sing at MLK, Jr. Interfaith Celebration in Cary, NC

January 10, 2023
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This Sunday there will be an interfaith celebration in honor of MLK, J.r at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Cary, NC. Click on the link below for the poster.

A choir will be singing my setting of Do Justice, Love Kindness, and a lovely song MLK, Jr, written by well-known composer, Ray Makeever. If you are in the area and would like to sing in the choir, there will be a run through at 2 PM, at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 600 Walnut, Cary, NC. Both songs are easy to learn. The music scores are available for free download by clicking on the titles below.

Do Justice Love Kindness PV LS for website (

Note that Do Justice, Love Kindness has two codas meaning it has two possible endings. We will be using the 2nd coda.

MLK by Ray Makeever, choral score 1-10-23

Come and celebrate Dr. King’s legacy with people of various faiths. There is more that unites us than divides us.


Dr. Abe