Be Thou My Vision – New Lyrics

December 9, 2015
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Brothers and Sisters,

As a composer, I have never discussed in public a composition until it was completed. But this time is different. I am in the middle of composing an Afro-Celtic fusion piece which will be premiered in February, 2016 in Cary NC. Am incorporating two famous tunes, one Irish, Slane, and the other,East African, English Translation, “Listen God is Calling.”

The composition is only about 1/3 completed, but because of the hysteria surrounding the multiple refugee crises in this country and the world, I am sharing the new lyrics which I’ve composed to the tune Slane. I hope that they speak to you. BTW, the first verse is a reference to the crisis of the children at the border, and I’ve composed a song about that as well, which is available on my website

Be Thou My Vision (Tune: Slane)
Verses by Abe Cáceres

1. Be Thou My Vision and help me to see
Each son and daughter as my family.
See ev-’ry neighbor as my next of kin
Diverse in language, religion and ….skin.

2. Be Thou my vision and help me to see
Each refugee a reflection of me.
See ev’-ry per-son as my own companion
Sojourning spirits on an earthly journey.

3. Be Thou My Vision and help me to see
We are the branches and You are the Tree.
One genealogy, one destiny,
Born of one Spirit, one Eternity.
Be Thou My Vision And Help Me To See – Hymn Size Eb

Be Thou My Vision.And Help Me to See - hymn size Eb
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May be reproduced gratis for the support of refugees anywhere.