Piano and Music for Tanzania update

May 30, 2016
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Brothers and Sisters,

The World House Music Board of Directors has approved the following funding strategy. We are currently asking congregations, universities, and other institutions to sponsor a key or more at $200/key.

80 supporting units at $200/key:  80 x $200 = $16,000

We have already made a down payment of $6,000.

$16,000 + $6,000 = $22,000 which covers the cost of the piano and most of the shipping.  The balance of the $35,000 budget will be funded through crowd sourcing.  That figure of $35,000 includes the piano and shipping ($25 K) and scholarship assistance for students (10 K)!

I am pleased to announce that Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church, the congregation for which I was recently minister of music, was the first church to sponsor a key.  Their contribution pushed the fundraising thermometer to 20% of our goal of $35,000!  Several other congregations have expressed an interest in sponsoring one or more keys.  The response has been uplifting! Further announcements will be made soon!

For further details on the project, please click on the link “Concert for A Cause.”