COUNT DOWN! Only 18 more keys need to be sponsored to send piano to Tanzania!

August 22, 2016
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Thank you Bayshore Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI for sponsoring two more keys!  Sponsorship of a key is $200.  Tax deductible donations of ANY amount are appreciated, and may be made online on this secure website or checks may be sent to the WHM address listed below. This will be the first concert grand piano EVER.. read more →

Only 20 more keys need to be sponsored to send the piano to Tanzania

August 17, 2016
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Brothers and Sisters, We are REALLY close to sending the first concert grand piano ever to reach the country of Tanzania.  In fact, it will be the first instrument of its calibre in all of East Africa!  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Milwaukee, and Faith Lutheran in Cedarburg each have sponsored half a key, and.. read more →

The New Cultural Arts Centre Begins to RISE from the Earth!

July 27, 2016
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Brothers and Sisters, In January of this year, ground was broken for the Cultural Arts Centre of Tumaini University Makumira.  There has been great progress! The pictures below show some of the structures beginning to take shape.  They are in order:  Dance Studio, Performance Hall (this is where the piano will be!), Drum Building, and.. read more →

JUST IN! New donation brings us PAST the 50% mark!

July 23, 2016
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Brothers and Sisters, Today, World House Music received a check of $1,000 from Trinity Lutheran Church of Cedarburg, WI!  This represents the sponsorship of 5 keys, and brings us to 53% of our $35,000 goal.  That figure comes from  $25,000 to purchase a concert grand piano and ship it to Tumaini University Makumira, and $10,000.. read more →

We’re half way there!

July 15, 2016
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, On behalf of the World House Music Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce a gift of $5,981 to the Piano/Scholarship fund for Tanzania!  The gift is from the BA Edstrom music fund of the Botkyrka congregation in Sweden, and it brings us to 50% of our $35,000 goal!  This.. read more →